Care Workers Mileage Claims

care worker mileage

Get a chunk of money back with your Care Workers Mileage Claim!

As a Care Worker you are entitled to claim a tax relief on all the miles you drive during your job. With the rising cost of petrol this is certainly a good idea. Remember though, claiming a tax rebate is your responsibility and not that of your employer.

Care Workers are usually eligible to claim for a tax rebate on their mileage. If your employer has paid you any mileage then this amount must be stated on your application as it will be deducted from it.

How care workers mileage claims work…

You can claim tax relief for up to 40p per mile for the first 10,000 miles and then 25p a mile after that.

PLEASE NOTE:: this does not mean you will get 40p or 25p a mile back! You are claiming the TAX RELEIF on this which is around 20% of that amount.

For example; if you are claiming 10,000 miles then you will seeking (10,000 miles x 40p = £4,000) x 20%(Tax relief)  = £800. So, if you put in a claim on 10,000 miles (at 40p per mile) you will get around £800 back if successful – NOT £4,000. There is big misconception amongst Care Workers who believe they can claim 40p a mile and I hope this clears this up.

Ask your employer if they can provide you with a computerised record of your miles covered. Some system keep a record of all the miles you do and a report can be generated for you. Mileage claims are normally from April 6th to April 5th the following year – but, you can claim for past years.

Notes for Caremark Employees: Email the office and request your Mileage Report. Please allow 7 days for this to be sent back to you. 

To make a care workers mileage claim go to the HMRC website.

If the amount you are claiming for is less than £2500.00 then you will need a P87 for anything above £2500.00 you will need to do a self assessment SA100 and there is another form you will need to complete for the travel expenses

The actual form you need is here….


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